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Water being the most important element on the earth. As oil can be replaced with electricity in many ways and solar energy can take charge with electricity, but water is only the existing element on the earth which has no technological alternative. Rapid urbanisation and increasing human population have created a tremendous pressure over the water system.

  • IIS (INGENIOUS IRRIGATION SYSTEM) an IOT based automation system, powered by an AI(Artificial Intelligence) water management solution to revolutionize water network systems in agriculture.
  • IIS works on hardware & software systems concurrently for Ingenious agriculture development.
  • The IIS system, Will monitor the water requirement accordingly and will supply water as needed in the right quantity.
  • IIS also adds necessary nutrients in the water as necessary to grow the crop as per the requirements for better farming.
  • IIS will also monitor other environmental parameters 24×7 and will alert the farmers to take necessary action to prevent losses.
  • Moreover, with our Mobile application, farmers can update about the type of crop they want to grow and provide other information related to growing the crop to receive useful customized inputs for better farming management.
Farming is not an easy job. Mostly due to lack of awareness & inadequate access to resources, Farmers have to decide farming on their own & with the knowledge passed on by their elders and it includes much guesswork.
Because of lack of knowledge, most of the farmers use the Traditional “Flooding method” for farming which leads to not only wastage of water, but also causes soil erosion & the growth of unnecessary weed.
Water management is given foremost priority in a country like India. As a large amount of water is dedicated to using, it affects adversely on agriculture.
The agricultural sector (irrigation) currently consumes about 80% of the water in India, thanks to the inefficient conventional flood method of irrigation (FMI).
Data on water use efficiency indicates that India uses 2-3 times more water than major agricultural countries like China, Brazil, and the US to produce one unit of food crop.
According to the Ministry of Water Resources (2008), an estimate shows the total demand for water required for farming will exceed the supply by 2050.
Farmers need a more effective water management system for growing crops which can also help improve their quality of life.
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  • By using smart technologies, we are going to save water used for farming.
  • We at MN Sustain enaged with Sustainable Solution for water crisis in irrigation. We believe that no farmers should be left without Water.
  • We are engaged with IoT-based automisation water management solution to revolutionise water network system in agriculture.
  • We believe that no farmers should be left without Water.

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